This is an educational program developed by Emmett to help the youth of today learn more about self discovery, self expansion and self mastery.


Currently in evolution, this program will be live soon.


If you are interested in what i am doing then please contact me.


Here are some testimonials from people who have trained with Emmett.

I first met Emmett back in 2011, I was overweight, uncomfortable, self conscious and fed up. I needed a serious lifestyle change and he showed me how to get there. I lost one kilo in the first week with him which snow balled into more than 20kg. Emmett changed my life, I honestly have no idea where I’d be if I never met him.

Mason Prior, 19

I started training with Emmett in the middle of January 2014 and didn’t really know what to expect. I had very poor nutritional knowledge and an even worse diet. To say I was lacking enthusiasm would be an understatement. We met for a consultation and went through a training program and nutritional plan, which was great because he was able to give me a clear guide as to what is needed to achieve my goals. He’s got a great method of teaching you the tools and knowledge you need to be able to achieve your goals on your own. The first few weeks were really hard, getting the body use to the training, but each week if your willing to commit to go, Emmett’s there pushing you to achieve goals you didn’t think you ever could. The sessions have a good mix of strength building and cardiovascular endurance and Emmett’s really good at improvising the session to make sure your always being challenged and pushed to the limit. We set out a 10 week plan with long term and short term goals. I’m quite proud to say that with at lot of hard work and Emmett’s constant encouragement and enthusiasm. I’ve lost 12kg in 10 weeks as well as achieved several strength goals. I really enjoy the training sessions with Emmett because he’s always encouraging you to achieve your goals and positively change your lifestyle.

Tyson Lebrun, 21

You have completely opened my eyes and allowed me to envision what plans, goals and dreams are all about. Your positive energy is infectious. Your words are so trustworthy and your notions are unquestionable. Your aura is so strong, it completely radiates from you and is so captivating. Your persona radiates confidence, fearlessness, charm, charisma, intelligence, creativity, kindness, reliability, trust and success. I feel empowered in your presence. I have always known deep inside that I had to have a bigger impact somehow in life. I just didn’t know what it was but I knew I was always going to be capable. Over the years that started to fuzz and without realising it was slowly getting drained from me. I feel like you have awakened me to run with my full spirit and given me reason to use my full potential. I have so much gratitude and respect for the conversations we’ve had and your thoughts you have shared with me. You have started this beautiful ripple effect inside me that I intend to continue on with others.

Kristy Taylor, 26