“Investing in myself to help others”

Where have you landed?

This is the human expansion platform for Emmett to give his knowledge and experience to you. Helping you on you self mastery journey.

Emmetts mission to explore the limitless potential of humans has lead him on a path through fitness, brain power and education.

On this site you will find information and resources to help you expand your knowledge of yourself regarding health, fitness, brain power and unlocking your mind to its infinite potential.

A bit about me.

As a young tacker…. Emmetts passion for sport lead him to complete a degree in Sport Science where he learnt about the human body and how to help people achieve their health goals.

The satisfaction from helping people achieve their goals become infectious and hugely satisfying for Emmett.

He decided to explore the realm of Education and combine his love for health with his passion for helping people. After completing his Graduate Diploma in Education, Emmett soon found himself in schools teaching adolescents.

While he had a love for teaching, the limitations around the Education system didn’t feel right and he decided to leave to pursue some further research into self expansion and raising human consciousness. Down the rabbit hole we go………

Since leaving the education system, Emmett has been exploring all things self discovery, self expansion and self mastery. Learning how to make himself better so that he can positively impact the planet by teaching others how to do the same.

This is where the SuperHuman Project and Life As You Know It Program come into play.

Check out Emmett’s view on body, mind and all things self expansion by downloading his Ebook *LINK TO EBOOK*


Who this site is for:

  • People that want to make themselves better through self expansion.
  • People that are open to NEXT LEVEL thinking and being.
  • People that know there is something else out there that is calling them to explore.

Who this site isn’t for:

  • People that want to play small or be “normal”.
  • People that are closed-minded.
  • People that don’t love self expansion.


Currently evolving myself to provide you with an educational platform to raise your potential as a human.